Friday, February 24, 2006

Auto drivers oppose move to ban 15-year-old vehicles

Auto drivers oppose move to ban 15-year-old vehicles
New Indian Express

BANGALORE: Two days after Transport Minister, Chaluvarayaswamy announced that the Government was contemplating ban on 15-year-old vehicles inside City limits, transporters are up in arms against the proposed move and have questioned its legality.

Karnataka Lorry Drivers Association president Chennareddy has said there is no provision in the Motor Vehicle Act to prohibit 15-year-old vehicles from entering the city.

“Vehicle manufacturers do not give any validity period to the vehicles. Then how can the Government ban old vehicles,” Reddy wondered.

The Fitness Certificate (FC) is issued once a year after checking the condition of the vehicle and if a old vehicle is in good shape, it should not be banned, he said.

Reddy, however, suggested that Government should ban vehicles which are not in good condition.

Even autorickshaw drivers oppose the proposed move.

“There are over 7,000 autorickshaws which are 15 years old. The Government can ban them only after transferring the same permits to new autorickshaws.

It should also give 75 per cent loan to buy a new autorickshaw,” said Narayanaswamy, general secretary of Adarsha Autorickshaw Drivers Association.

“There is no meaning in banning old vehicles that are in good condition,” said M N Venugopal, president of Government and Government Concern Driver’s Federation.


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