Wednesday, January 25, 2006

B'lore smiles through road rage

B'lore smiles through road rage
India Broadcast News

Bangalore: Road-rage and hour-long traffic jams are common in Bangalore. But some of the city's employers have found a unique way to ensure that their employees drive their way to work with a smile on their lips.

With an increasing number of employees complaining about fatigue even before they reach work, companies like TESCO, Siemens, TCS and Biocon have advanced work timings by 30 to 45 minutes.

"We took the problem back to the employees and they formed a number of groups to find a solution. And across the board, they employees wanted to cut down travel time. So we looked at pulling it forward and pushing it back, and then decided to advance work timings," Meena Ganesh, CEO, TESCO, says.

The change in work timings has considerably reduced stress for employees and they are now able to spend more time with their family or pursue their hobbies.

"I find a lot of time to spend with my family and friends, play with my child. So now I walk in to work fresh, because I have a good work-life balance, and find a lot of productive time at work," Divya, a trainer at TESCO says.

Companies are also putting in place other measures like providing magazines in cabs that transport employees to work and hourly shuttle services after work hours.

And with more suggestions coming in from employees, the road to work might yet be a pleasurable journey.

Advancing work timings seems like a great way to beat peak hour Traffic. But with more companies contemplating such a shift, employees may still find it hard to log in on time.


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