Sunday, December 25, 2005

Pre-paid counters ‘scare’ auto men

Pre-paid counters ‘scare’ auto men
The Times of India

Bangalore: The pre-paid auto system on M G Road has auto drivers running to ‘safer places’. They want to avoid the road between Anil Kumble junction and Brigade Road junction especially during evening hours.

For the auto men, the pre-paid auto counter is like a thorn in their flesh. “If we are on the road near the pre-paid counter, we will have to wait in the queue to pick-up the passenger. Then we end up going to a place of commuter’s choice and we have to accept the fare as directed by the traffic police. It is not a profitable proposition,” an autorickshaw driver says.

This attitude, on the part of the auto drivers, resulted in an empty auto stand on M G Road near the pre-paid auto counter on Friday evening for a while. Public and the traffic police, both struggled to handle the situation.
Following this, the police have taken a tough stand against the auto drivers. “They will not be allowed to loiter on M G Road at other points without any passenger. Cases will be booked against them if they refuse to go on hire,’’ traffic police said.

After the traffic police began to crack the whip on Saturday, a number of autorickshaws and passengers increased near the pre-paid counter. It resulted in double lane queues in the evening.

“When there is a huge queue and demand, we will not waste time writing slips. Policeman will stop the auto and ask the passenger to board it. This will enable us to help more people at peak hour,’’ DCP, Traffic (East) M A Saleem said.


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