Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Autos have no choice but to fall in line: cops

Autos have no choice but to fall in line: cops
Vijay Times

Bangalore: With over two weeks having gone by since the introduction of prepaid auto stands across the City , they have by and large been successful in serving the purpose they were introduced for .

But complaints from commuters still continue in some quarters as this reporter found out during a recce in areas where stands exist.

Many commuters said autorickshaw drivers were refusing to ply to to M G Road and Commercial Street junction from Indiranagar, Jayanagar and Koramangala. "This is because their meters are tampered. They fear the fare proposed at pre-paid stands would be lesser than the meter fare," they said.

However, DCP ( T raffic-East) M A Saleem says, "All the empty autorickshaws plying on M G Road and other areas have to compulsorily pass through the pre-paid stand. The fare chart has been arrived in co-ordination with the Regional T ransport Office. This will reduce harrasment to a large extent. Constables posted at these stands will enforce and ensure that autorickshaw drivers stop at all paid stands." Outlining some of the complaints received from commuters about autorickshaw drivers, Saleem said demanding excess fare, refusing to ply to some destinations, rude behaviour and ferrying outstation commuters on a roundabout route in the City are high on the list. "W e will ensure autorickshaws abide by rules and stop at the pre-paid stands. Issues of meter tampering will be taken care by the transport and legal metrology department," Saleem adds.

T ransport Commissioner Om Prakash adds that the fare for pre-paid system was decided by the traffic police in co-ordination with officials at the RTO level.

Bangalore: T raffic police and schoolchildren have been learning lesson from them. Now , it is the turn of autorickshaw drivers.

The T raffic T raining Institute, which has been training the traffic police and instill traffic sense among schoolchildren, has tied up with Swabhiman to create an awareness among the autorickshaw drivers on road safety .

The Institute plans to hold two-day training programmes for 100 autorickshaw drivers every month from January onwards. "W e will pay each driver Rs 100 per day for attending classes," says T V Prabhakara, Assistant Commissioner of Police and Principal.

There are around two lakh autorickshaw drivers in the City . The need of the hour is to provide them with basic training on road safety norms due to increase in the number of accidents and thousands of cases booked against them.

The Institute, started in 1975, has trained thousands of people, including schoolchildren, drivers of public sector vehicles, BMTC Home Guards, traffic policemen and inspectors.

The Insitute’s main objective is to train traffic policemen from general constabulary . "They do not have an opportunity to learn traffic rules and regulations at their respe tive police training institutes. W e provide necessary training after they are segregated as traffic police," Prabhakara said.

Each policeman and official undergoing training at the Insitute will receive a cer cate on completion of the training.

He said the general public, especially pedestrians, need to attend these programmes. "Around 800 people are dying in accidents every year in the City , of whom per cent to 45 per cent are pedestrians," said. The Institute is doing an yeomen service to society by taking up a number of road safety programmes for schoolchildren.

4 Go to counter / kiosk, inform cop area you wish to go to

4 Cop goes through fare slab of your destination & specifies it

4 Auto will be called for by cop

4 Slip is issued containing auto number and fare to be paid

4 Exact meter fare may vary marginally

4 Reach destination and pay fare amount

= Airport (near arrival lounge)

= City Railway Station

= Cantonment Railway Station

= KSRTC Bus Station, Majestic

= M G Road (Shringar Complex)

= Commercial Street (near Dickenson Road)


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