Friday, October 28, 2005

KCDC gets more than it can take

KCDC gets more than it can take

The Times of India

Bangalore: With tonnes and tonnes of garbage flowing into Karnataka Compost Development Corporation, almost 80 per cent of the five-acre land is occupied.

While garbage is otherwise vertically piled six metres high, the height has now gone up to 10 metres. What next? Will our garbage be picked? Will it be scientifically disposed or will it be just dumped in open spaces? “Depends on the rains,’’ officials say.

With water logging across the city, BCC garbage vans are not going to far-away dumping yards. With the weather conditions deteriorating and mosquitoes increasing, sources in the BCC stated, van drivers have been warned against dumping garbage in open spaces in the city. This has led to more than the usual amount of garbage finding its way to the dumping yard.

The design capacity of KCDC is 250 tonnes, which they have long exceeded. The KCDC is now adopting vertical stacking of garbage so that more garbage can be accepted. But we cannot exceed 10 metres, said a KCDC official.
So much garbage is piling up that the BCC had to provide KCDC three additional earthmovers to handle the garbage. While piles of garbage are yet to be decomposed, more trucks are driving in.

KCDC accepted approximately 246 tonnes of garbage at the beginning of last week. On Tuesday it got 1,014 tonnes, at least five times their capacity. Officials point out that they have been asked to accept all loads till the rains stop, to avoid an epidemic breakout.

However, With all the moisture in the garbage, no segregation is possible. Decomposition takes 60 days.
Said KCDC managing director C Basavaiah, “We too have our limitations. This is an unforeseen event and we are rescuing the city in terms of garbage management. But we have been accepting much more than we can.’’


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