Friday, October 28, 2005

Fix this first

As the city seems to be falling apart, there’s confusion on what the priorities are. BT asks Bangaloreans

The Times of India

IN the past week alone, the image of Bangalore has been severely dented. Some even say beyond repair. Whether it’s the near total collapse of the drainage system that’s leaving Bangaloreans marooned, the ever-looming threat of IT majors leaving the city or coalition politics that keeps one constantly guessing about the future of the state — it’s a complete mess. But what should be tackled first? BT looks for answers...

Bob Hoekstra, CEO of a software major:

“The one thing that has to happen is that the government must govern. It should cancel the IT.IN and spend those days pledging to start governing.”

Dr Thomas Chandy, medical director:

“The one thing the government needs to take up on a priority basis is a common agenda from the coalition partners, to revamp Bangalore’s infrastructure. That means burying all their differences, and saying, ‘Let’s go for it. Let’s make Bangalore a good, livable city,’ and commit to improving infrastructure. Good roads, in and around the city, uninterrupted power, work on the Metro and the international airport — are all required urgently. The major issue is to resolve the coalition partners’ differences and go ahead with revamping Bangalore’s poor infrastructure and to avoid those obstacles that hinder these projects.”

V Ravichandar, former member BATF:

“I wish there was ONE issue that could be addressed to fix it!”

Nandini Alva, entrepreneur:

“We need to immediately make the various contractors, builders, structural engineers and road experts answerable for the design and execution faults in the various works they have undertaken and ensure that immediate corrective measures are taken. It’s they who are responsible for the storm water drains collapsing, roads caving in or for the lake walls being breached. It’s easy to blame bureaucrats and politicians for the collapse of any system, but we, the people have to focus on those who are actually exploiting the loopholes in the system. To take the city forward, these people have to be made answerable to the common man immediately.”


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