Friday, February 18, 2005

Hot, hotter & hottest: Where do we go?

Hot, hotter & hottest: Where do we go?

The Times of India

Bangalore: Sensex and real estate prices soaring might not surprise you any more. Agreed? Then check out this piece of ‘baking’ news. Bangalore is getting hotter and hotter by the day. Mercury level touched an alltime high on February 16 (35.9 degrees Celsius) and going by the month’s standards it was the hottest day ever.

With sun striking in style and many running for cover, met man A.L. Koppar coolly passes the heat on to the Westerlies — the hot and dry winds blazing in from the continental region.

“A temperature of 35.9 degrees C was a record. Extreme climates have become quite common. The weather has been fluctuating season to season. A range of 34 degrees is not uncommon but beyond that is an extreme condition.’’ So, where do we go? For now, there’s no mirage-like respite. The hot and dry weather is slated to continue till circulating patterns of the wind changes, till the cooler north winds from the Bay of Bengal blow hither.

The met department has also recorded a humidity level of 35 per cent which supposedly surges 15 per cent below normal. The average for humidity levels this time of the year has recorded levels of 50 per cent, the highest being 60 per cent (early morning), lowest at 15 per cent (when the day is very hot, 3 to 4 pm).

Skin specialists are busy with escalating complaints of atopic dermatitis or rashes from dry skin. They want you to keep off from cool creams. Says Dr Srinivas Murthy: “When humidity becomes low, chapped arms, legs are sure to follow as is burning itchy skin. Psoriasis, eczema are the other common allergic reactions.”

Beware! Stop daubing just about every cream and lotion that gluts the market. “These creams and lotions contain preservatives and perfumes that cause allergic reactions. Because of dryness people apply more of it. Even the soaps used should have a neutral pH not an alkaline one,” says Dr Srinivas.

So, weather you like it or not, summer is here. Checking in a bit early this time. No escape. Sadly, it’s too early to invoke the Rain Gods!


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