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Marathahalli-The global village

Marathahalli-The global village

Rimjhim Saikia Express News ServiceFirst Published : 01 Jun 2010 05:28:59 AM ISTLast Updated : 01 Jun 2010 11:44:43 AM IST
“IT is almost a sleepy village in the outskirts of Bangalore yet one would be astonished to know that it is the biggest IT hub of Bangalore…” says an IT professional himself. One could climb up to the terrace of any building and see the beautiful red sun rising from somewhere amidst the big software tech parks. A day just ends in Marathahalli with the software engineers walking to take their cabs — it’s almost morning and in the blink of an eye, a new day starts with the fitness conscious folks jogging down the paved streets in an effort to burn some fat.
It wouldn’t be right to call the place a village as it somehow manages to accommodate almost everything. While giving a bird’s eye view to the place, one can obviously see tall buildings reaching out to the sky but also catch sight of slums scattered in several places.
Marathahalli still finds room to hang on to its tradition. An Ayyappan temple here and a Shiv mandir there, gives the place an ethnic identity. People, young and old, religiously make their way with flowers in their hair to these places.
Making the place better to live in for today’s fun loving generation are the entertainment zones — Innovative Multiplex, Tulasi Theatre and Blue Star Swimming pool rule the world. And if you are hungry there is no need to worry.
Every nook and corner of Marathalli is well-equipped with food joints. Be it North Indian, South Indian, Continental or Thai, name it, you have it.
When it comes to shopping, there’s is no better place than Marathahalli. The factory outlets make the place a regular hang-out for fashionistas. Although the people are simple and straight forward in this area, they don’t lag behind in keeping up with the latest fashion. And to help them attain the latest look, there are the salons that line up the streets.
Marathahalli houses just about all kinds of people. While running down the lanes of Balaji Layout, a huge residential area, one is sure to find a group of aspiring cricketers playing in the barren grounds beating the last rays of the setting sun and somewhere across the horizon their gaze meets the runway of the HAL airport.
“The nights are dark here in Marathahalli, but the traffic on the lanes never seems to end,” noted a resident.
Still the place is well-connected to the rest of the city through various easilyaccessible means of transport. A huge six-lane railway overbridge near Marathahalli Junction connects Kundalahally and the HAL Airport Road. The place stands up to the idea of a perfect destination and a safe place to dwell in


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