Saturday, May 29, 2010

How about 5 Lalbaghs for city?

How about 5 Lalbaghs for city?

Prahlad Rao

A promise is a promise, said Ratan Tata when he unveiled the Nano car to the masses. Just how many politicians are there around us that can deliver on the promises they make? Despite the string of broken promises, we consume quite a bit of what they say and believe in them.
Perhaps it's high time the politicians believe in what they say, too.
As the BJP government completes two years in office in Karnataka, we take stock of its promises and delivery in the green agenda. Bangalore is struggling to retain the tag of garden city and every single citizen needs to pitch in to hold on to the 'cool' label. But if things need to move beyond the label, a lot of effort is needed on the ground, literally.
When chief minister BS Yeddyurappa took office, he had promised five more Lalbaghs in Bangalore. We wish to see them become a reality.
Though land has become very expensive in Bangalore, we are sure the government can find space and will work to make the five Lalbaghs happen. In fact, the government land which has been encroached by land sharks can be put to some good use if the greenery comes up.
It would be a good idea to support the campaign of Hasiru Santhe which was started by Malleswaram legislator Ashwathnarayan. The campaign was later adopted by the BBMP. It is a good concept which can be made into a huge success with budgetary incentives. The government should involve the community in such endeavours so that nurturing becomes a habit in all of us.
The chief minister has initiated the project of lakes' rejuvenation. The lake shores should first have greenery. They must then be developed into amusement centers.
Looking at the fast pace at which the trees are disappearing, the government should bring in a green legislation. Cutting of trees without a valid reason or without permission should be punished with hefty fine. The legislation should also discourage wood industry. The scientific community should be told to help us reduce our dependence on wood. The ruling party should make its members eco warriors and it will pay dividends in the next election.
Devanahalli is going to be the future of Bangalore. The government should have separate CDP (comprehensive development plan) for Devanahalli. At least 40% of the future city should be reserved for greenery.
To show that the government is serious about the green agenda, the administration should make Bellary Road a green avenue. As the road has been fully developed, the BBMP should plant saplings all along it. In the next two years, we should see a green Bellary Road. The government should adopt transplantation to save trees and green the road.


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