Saturday, May 22, 2010

Entertainment means not just drinking

Entertainment means not just drinking

Arbiters of Bangalore's nightlife deadline will have to keep in mind that every city lives by its norms and those norms should be equal for all

Prasad Bidapa
The city is abuzz with discussions on the extension of the 11.30pm deadline to 2am. But what does it really do? Sure, some people can drink more, but five star hotels cater to what, two per cent of the population in the city?
How many times in a week will you actually go to a five star nightclub and spend money?
Every city lives by its norms— even when it comes to the nightlife—and those norms should be equal for all. How do smaller pubs benefit from this change, if it's put into effect? All these aspects need to be thought through before the deadline extension is made.
There are a few downsides to this move, including selective lenience. Pubs and lounges won't make more money anyway because the rule is apparently applicable only to five star hotels. What difference will it make to the larger population?
What are the practical solutions then?
A large population of the city lives on American time. Shops, marketplaces, cinema halls need to be open longer to actually give people better convenience. And it doesn't have to be every day. For instance, if the high streets of Koramangala stay open till midnight or at least till 1am, on Wednesdays, then people can actually come there to buy things, including provisions, maybe watch a movie at the PVR multiplex, etc.
Entertainment, after all, is not only about drinking and eating.


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