Friday, April 16, 2010

Wheel done!

Wheel done!
By: Chetan R Date: 2010-04-15 Place: Bangalore

Outer Ring Road Companies Association to launch Traffic Month aimed at making ORR a zero accident zone

The Outer Ring Road Companies Association (ORRCA) is in the middle of its Traffic Month initiative aimed at turning the Outer Ring Road (ORR) a ZAZ (Zero Accident Zone).

The ORR has earlier kick-started initiatives like Bus Day, Safe Wheels and Going Green,.

"April is being observed as traffic month," explained Nagraj, a traffic coordinator who is participating in the initiative.

"Around 60 IT and non-IT companies have pledged to set aside a month to focus on bringing down the number of accidents."

There are three fatal accidents on an average on Outer Ring Road (above) in a month. There has been none in March so far. The month is being observed as Traffic Month.

No accidents

"We hope to make this stretch a zero accident zone," said Vishwanath S, manager, AOL, who was part of the team that prompted BMTC to come up with a dedicated bus lane in the city through their voluntary initiative (which proved to be a success). "Though it's a difficult task to achieve, we are hopeful."

"We have over a lakh vehicles, both private and BMTC, plying on the stretch everyday," added Kulkarni R, a security coordinator from ORRCA.

"The number of fatal accidents every month on the stretch is about four. We aim to bring it down to zero. No fatal accidents were reported since we began the Traffic Month."

Hi-tech gadgets

Besides a traffic management plan, which includes use of gadgets like wireless sets and messaging to keep commuters informed on the traffic situation.

Volunteers keep tabs on the traffic movements to facilitate smooth traffic on the stretch.

"It's a very good initiative, said ACP (Traffic and Security) Praveen Sood. "Though infrastructure is an issue, commuters create most of the traffic problems themselves.

Naturally, being sensitive to issues through such initiatives is a way out to resolve them." Companies in ORR have brought a remarkable change through self-regulation.


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