Thursday, April 15, 2010

The U in Uday linked to Ulsoor lake

The U in Uday linked to Ulsoor lake

"By the end of my tenure, if I want anything changed for good, it is state of Ulsoor Lake," declares Uday Kumar, corporator-elect of Halasur ward. "The cleaning of the lake has not taken place in many years due to which the lake has become a place for dumping waste. This needs to be changed," says he.
For Uday, Ulsoor Lake is an obsession. He speaks little of anything else. He wants to make the lake a spot for family recreation. "We must make a jogging track around the lake. The musical fountain should be functional soon. We need to get a rose garden in the area and a children's park on the banks," says Uday.
Security too must be beefed up. "The lake has only two security guards and we often have reports of anti-social elements creating nuisance. A minimum of 15 security guards should be deployed to guard the lake," he says.
Bringing back the greenery to Halsur is another priority. "As the area hosts a vast population and commercial activity, the first casualty has been trees. We must do whatever possible to amend the crime committed against nature," he says.
Also on top of his agenda are people's transportation woes. He says the BMTC will have to answer many questions.
Uday's list also includes shortage of drinking water, poor sanitation, stray menace and rising crime. He is contacting NGOs and residents' welfare associations falling within his ward areas to explore the possibility of some joint action.


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