Thursday, April 22, 2010

Ulsoor Road bears the brunt of Metro traffic diversions

Ulsoor Road bears the brunt of Metro traffic diversions

K.C. Deepika
The narrow, dug-up road tests the patience of commuters

DAILY CHAOS:Vehicles often move on the wrong side of Ulsoor Road to avoid pot-holes, mounds of earth and also because of lack of civility.
Bangalore: The ongoing Namma Metro work, along with the relaying of water pipes, has forced a number of changes on Ulsoor Road, Old Madras Road and other connecting lanes. This has led to serious congestion and breakdown in traffic control.

Commuters have to necessarily use Ulsoor Road, running parallel to M.G. Road towards Dickenson Road, to reach the city's commercial hub as Trinity Circle on M.G. Road is partially closed for Metro construction.

The road which skirts the gurudwara and Ulsoor lake, formerly a one-way, now accommodates traffic both ways, especially buses from Old Madras Road towards Shivajinagar. Adding to the chaos is the stretch from Begum Mahal all the way to the Manipal Centre, damaged by potholes and perpetual leakage from underground water pipes.

Once motorists hit Ulsoor Road to go towards Dickenson Road, it is a test of aggression, willpower and driving skills as this dug-up road witnesses vehicles routinely being driven on the wrong side for two reasons: one to avoid all those pot-holes and mounds of earth, and the other that there is no median for much of the stretch.

BBMP's East Zone Chief Engineer Jayachandra claimed that the civic body is in the process of repairing these roads. “We are taking the help of the traffic police to identify such roads. Ulsoor Road will be repaired as soon as we have handed over the responsibility of filling potholes to the Karnataka Rural Infrastructure Development Corporation,” he said.

B.A. Muthanna, Deputy Commissioner of Police of Traffic, East Division, pointing out that Ulsoor Road has always had a high volume of traffic, saw no immediate possibility of respite as all stakeholders have to wait for the completion of the Metro work on M.G. Road, which may take three to six months. “The signal at Trinity Circle will start functioning only after the road opens. As for Ulsoor Road, how long it will be a two-way depends on how successful the arrangement on the gurudwara road is,” he said.


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