Monday, April 19, 2010

City's green brigade has a message

City's green brigade has a message

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"Trees are important for ecological reasons. But unfortunately, many of us fail to realise this. There should be sincere effort to restore the city's greenery."

DC CORRESPONDENT BENGALUR he city will be April 18: The city will be a lot cooler and its people’s existence happier if they upkeep trees, not uproot them.
That's the mantra of the green brigade of Bengaluru.

It seeks to tell people that planting more trees across the city will help bring the temperature down and keep the summer at bay.

On World Earth day this April 22, Trees for Free will launch a green campaign with a slogan: Plant more trees and restore the green cover of the Garden City.

In fact, this is not a oneoff programme for the volunteers of

In the past four and a half months, they have organised 250 saplings in the areas where trees are few and far between. “We are focusing on the new layouts. They look absolutely barren and bald. There are virtually no trees in these areas where temperature is relatively high,” said Janet Yegneswaran, the group founder.

“Our job does not end after planting trees. For us, the most challenging task is to get locals and assign them for looking after the plants. Our team comes back only after making sure the arrangements are perfect,” she explained.
Lots of trees planted by the city's civic authorities, have disappeared for want of care. “You will come across many tree guards without any trees in them,”she said.

“Trees are important for ecological reasons. But unfortunately, many of us fail to realise this. There must be more efforts both from the government and the people to restore the city's greenery,” she said.

A rare breed of snake was discovered in a car here on Sunday morning. The rare ornate flying snake was believed to have slunk into the vehicle parked near Kavika Layout at Vijay Nagar. The moment the driver noticed the reptile, he called up the BBMP’s snake rescue cell.
“Most probably the snake got into the vehicle at Kukke Subramanya, a temple with a snake deity near the

Western Ghats. The car owner had gone there with his family," said P Sanjeev, who rescued the reptile.
"Ornate flying snakes, also found in the jungles of the North-East, glide from one tree branch to other prompting many to believe that they are actually flying," Mr Sanjeev said.
Last year a snake was found on a motorbike in Malleswaram, he added.


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