Saturday, April 17, 2010

She saved land to set up a govt school

She saved land to set up a govt school

Nandini BP & Sonal Agrawal

Half a century ago, matriculation was a landmark in one's education. YR Gowramma knows that better now. She has taken girls' education and vocational training as the thrust areas for her ward.
"It is not education alone," says Gowramma as she returns from her ward yatra with DNA. "Parents perpetually complain that their children have no place to play. Boys are forced to play on roads risking their lives."
Making playfields available for children is her priority but finding land is not easy. "Let's see," she says.
Kaval Byrasandra is part of the merged areas. Gowramma was chairperson of the Kaval Byrasandra group panchayat for four years from 1978. "I know my ward like my palm and I know my place has many credits and a few weak points too."
Gowramma beams with pride and happiness for two things: she wrested this hardcore Congress ward for Lotus. She also managed to keep three acres of government land for building a government school.
"Seven acres were available in all. Seventeen private trusts may have clamoured for it, but I convinced the government and Kattaji (minister Katta Subramanya Naidu) helped," she says.
Gowramma is dreaming of a well-provided-for government school that will one day emerge as a model school in Bangalore. She wants to set up centres to train less privileged in stitching, tailoring, candle making etc. "I'll also include computer training," she says.
Education is her priority but that does not mean she will ignore other amenities. Water problem is her immediate priority. She has to keep the promise of making available more bore wells and motors, and tanker water to augment supply. Old pipelines have to be replaced by bigger ones.
Garbage collection is not so bad but the influx of people makes it difficult for pourakarmikas to keep the streets clean, she says. – Nandini BP & Sonal Agrawal


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