Saturday, April 17, 2010

`Bengaluru needs museums'

`Bengaluru needs museums'

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One way of telling the city’s story over the centuries would be to set up museums, say historians, worried that the government is doing nothing to preserve its heritage under threat from developmental projects.
“Both the Central and state governments have never thought of allowing private museums to come up in the city to exhibit artefacts of historical value,” they point out.

A private antique collector from the city says a number of individuals have antiques in their homes , who have little idea about how to maintain them. If they were put into a museum they could serve the city better, in his opinion.

S.K. Aruni, assistant

director, Indian Council of Historical Research (ICHR), feels there is a lack of accuracy when it comes to Bengaluru’s history as one cannot fall back on a systematic recollection of it when attempting to recount it.
“When the history of Bengaluru city is presented, it is always in patches. It goes from Kempe Gowda and Tipu Sultan to lakes and green cover. There is no chronological order and proper investigation. There is also immense interest to know more about the city’s heritage among the people but the authorities have failed to encash on this huge opportunity. We do not even have a museum where visitors can go to and understand what the city actually means and how it has grown,” the ICHR assistant director observes.


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