Friday, April 23, 2010

`Planting of trees will be made mandatory'

`Planting of trees will be made mandatory'

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"The board plans to hold green technology workshops."

Planting of trees will be made mandatory on vacant plots in industrial areas, according to chairman of the Karnataka State Pollution Control Board A S Sadashivaiah. Speaking at a function to mark Earth Day, he said one crore saplings would be planted on such land which would soon be identified.
The board plans to hold green technology workshops and promote a green school concept in the state.

“We want to create more awareness about technologies that are sustainable and

also encourage students in schools across the state to plant trees,” he explained.
Secretary for environment and ecology Kanwar Pal, dwelt on the role played by various government agencies and the public in dealing with environmental issues. Former VC of UAS Dr Mahadevappa regretted that poor knowledge of seeds and composting was harming the quality of soil and biodiversity.


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