Friday, April 23, 2010

Lay underground cables: Experts

Lay underground cables: Experts

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its many trees should opt for underground cabling to make sure that its power lines don’t snap every time a branch falls on them, say urban planners.
Currently only 10 per cent of the city’s power cables run below the ground.

Urban planner S. Sudhira, feels this can easily be expanded, pointing out that installing underground cabling is a one time investment which can solve a number of problems thrown up by the monsoons. “As power lines are often damaged when trees fall, many cities in India are now looking at underground cabling for power supply,” he says and suggests placing electric and telephone cables in separate ducts for greater safety. In his view, Bescom should invest in underground cabling in all upcoming layouts and new areas of the city.

Bescom officers, however, say underground cabling is expensive and cannot work in a city like Bengaluru with its narrow roads. “There is underground cabling in the central business district, but we have not been able to extend it to other areas due to various constraints.

We have no plans as of now to install it in the new layouts either,” says a Bescom officer.


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