Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Load shedding eases

Load shedding eases
Bangalore, Apr 12, DHNS:

Drop in the number of hours of power cut has made the situation slightly better for Bangaloreans as the State is receiving a little more energy to tide over the present crisis.

On April 4, the State government invoked Section 11(1) of the Electricity Act, 2003, forcing the generating companies to sell all their power to the State. As of now, the State is getting 525 MW from companies and is expected to get another 70 MW from co-generation plants. KPTCL MD Latha Krishna Rao said the extra megawatts plus rain in some parts had decreased the pressure and helped them meet the demand a little more.

Though, Raichur Thermal Power Station (RTPS) is still facing minor problems, the supply has been stabilised, according to her. As on April 10, the demand had increased to 140 million units. In fact, April saw the highest recorded demand of 148 mu. However, officials are confident that they are slowly inching towards an improved situation, as the power supply itself is better.

Reacting to charges that the transmission and distribution losses (T&D) had considerably worsened the situation, she said KPTCL had the lowest figures for T&D losses. “I agree we have to do much more, but the fact is that the gap between metered figures and billed figures is narrowing every year,” she said. She disagreed that the situation had anything to do with the losses.

The demand in May is expected to be considerably less. Traditionally, the harvest season ends in April, reducing the demand in the agricultural sector. Demand in industry and domestic sector is expected to rise in May while the decreased supply from the agricultural sector is expected to offset the demand.


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