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Zoom on elevated e-way for a price

Zoom on elevated e-way for a price
It’s No More Freeway: Fee To Be Imposed Next Week, Date Will Be Fixed Soon

Bangalore: Zooming on the elevated expressway? Stop. You will have to pay a toll soon.
The expressway which has been a freeway since its inauguration in January, will turn into a tolled expressway within the next week, Bangalore Elevated Tollway Ltd (BETL) officials said. They are keen that the IT community in and around Electronic City embrace the toll system more emphatically as “it would greatly benefit them in the long run”.
“We want them to enjoy the new infrastructure. There’s been not much response as of now, mainly because of the uncertainty about the toll date. However, it should pick up now as most of the commuters on this stretch are regular users. Opting for the OBUs (on board units) and monthly passes will surely help them,’’ a BETL official explained.
The first batch of applications for monthly electronic passes have already been distributed to Infosys and Wipro employees. Expressway officials had earlier told TOI: “We have made a beginning with the monthly electronic passes and issued the first set of applications to Infosys and Wipro. We will do the same with HP next and then move on to all other companies in Electronic City. We expect the ‘big three’ to respond well and set the stage for other companies.”
While the applications are in paper format, the monthly passes of Rs 900 are electronic. An initial deposit is paid every month and if one has the monthly electronic pass, then the money would be deducted electronically. There is no cash transaction as the monthly deposit would be effected through credit card or through a one-time large payment enough to take care of say six months.
Officials said the Rs 900 monthly electronic pass would be beneficial to tech employees as they could make any number of trips to and from Electronic City within the 30-day span — which can begin on any date of a month. “It is more cost effective than a daily pass even if employees don’t work on weekends. They normally make two trips a day but suppose they were to make four or even six trips a day we would charge Rs 900 only.”
The toll on the 9-km elevated stretch is expected to begin anytime within the next week. There will be no change in the toll fares fixed in January.
“The required infrastructure for the toll collection system is ready. It’s waiting for BETL to complete some formalities,’’ a NHAI official told TOI.
There are five toll plazas — four at Electronic City and one at Attibele. The toll rates have been fixed for single, to & fro and monthly. The BETL has arranged for a non-stop ride on the stretch through the OBUs that will be available on payment of a refundable security deposit of Rs 1,000. This apart, the monthly pass applications were also distributed to the major software companies particularly in the Electronic City-Phase I.
Rs 10 two-wheelers
Rs 30 four-wheelers
Rs 80 buses
ELECTRONIC PASSES Rs 1,000 for On Board Unit Rs 900 for monthly pass
TOLL APPLICABILITY User fee to be collected from all vehicles, including twowheelers Three-wheelers are not permitted User fee to be collected from all vehicles except twowheelers, crossing the Attibele Plaza in either direction. No toll for use of ground level road between 8.765 km and Attibele Toll Plaza if the plaza is not crossed. EXEMPTIONS FOR TOLL
Vehicles with VIP symbols or officially belonging to:
The President of India, Vice-President, governor of a state, Lt Governor of a Union Territory
A foreign dignitary on state visit to India, a foreign diplomat stationed in India using cars with CD/CC number plate, Rajya Sabha chairman, Lok Sabha speaker, State Legislative Council chairman, State Legislative Assembly speaker, Union ministers, Karnataka ministers, leader of opposition in Lok Sabha, in Rajya Sabha, in state legislature (having the status of cabinet minister) if he is sitting in the vehicle), MPs, MLAs, MLCs (if they produce Identity Card issued by Parliament/Legislature as the case may be).
Winner of Gallantry award like Param Vir Chakra, Ashok Chakra, Maha Vir Chakra, Kirti Chakra, Vir Chakra and Shaurya Chakra, if awardee produces his photo Identity Card duly authenticated by the competent authority
Defence vehicles, police vehicles, fire fighting vehicles, ambulances, funeral vans, post and telegraph departments vehicles, central and state government vehicles on duty


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