Tuesday, April 13, 2010

His aim is distinction, not just pass

His aim is distinction, not just pass

S Harish is raring to go with plans aplenty for his ward. "I have a lot of plans and I'm sure to get them implementedeffectively," says he.
While projects enhancing public amenities and lifestyle can wait, he wants to attend to thebasic issues of residents. Listen to him.

Water: We have a water crisis on hand. It's not just scarcity but quality of water available. The water table has gone down and most people depend on tankers and the quality of water they supply is far from satisfactory. I want to explore possibilities of getting them quality water.

Drains: Yes, it is second only to water scarcity. I've already tackled the one underground line that passes through our ward to Malleshwaram. We have stopped that work as it was a high-voltage underground pipe and dangerous. Drainage lines ought to be kept separate and safe.

Roads: Fortunately, we have good roads in this ward area. But in some stretches, they need repair. Roads are the prime amenities we need in the modern life and I must see to it that all roads are kept in good order, ready for rains and ready for heavy traffic.
Garbage: Garbage is a pan-Bangalore problem and we have our share of the bane. Garbage collection is not so bad but people also need to be made aware of the need to make disposal of waste in designated bins and places.

Greenery and open spaces: We are rich in parks — we've six in all. People are fairly happy about them. But the playgrounds and other open spaces are in disarray. I want to make them children-friendly. We (including residents' welfare associations) also have a plan to start a campaign on planting indigenous trees instead of fruitless and worthless trees that guzzle water.
My promise to you is that I want to undo all the damage done to my ward. My work in the next five years should earn high marks from the residents. Not just pass, but distinction.


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