Friday, February 05, 2010

UNDERGROUND in 10 days

UNDERGROUND in 10 days
Focus On 4.8-Km Metro Stretch From Minsk Square To Majestic
Aarthi R | TNN

Bangalore: Finally, it’s just a few days away. Work on the delayed underground stretches of Bangalore Metro rail will take off in full swing in the next 10 days.
“Digging will begin only by March-end. However, some investigation needs to be completed before that and it’ll begin soon,” BMRC officials told TOI. The focus will be more along the 4.8-km stretch from Minsk Square to City Railway station in Majestic on the East-West corridor. The overall cost of civil works along this stretch is estimated at Rs 996 crore. This includes work on the five stations (excluding Majestic). Meanwhile, preparatory work has already started at Vidhana Veedhi, Central College and Minsk Square. This includes the alternative road in front of Vidhana Soudha. However, work on the second alternative road, in front of the high court, will begin only after the court’s approval. Tenders for both underground tunnels were floated last year. The plan was to kickstart work on all eight underground stations along the North-South and East-West corridor simultaneously. There will be traffic diversions at these places. However, work on the North-South corridor had to be retendered due to cost considerations. However, it’s likely to be finalized shortly.
The underground stretch of Metro rail will have two stretches — UG 1 (Swastik to K R Road) and UG 2 (M G Road to Leprosy Hospital on Magadi Road). The overall cost for both is estimated at Rs 3,100 crore. The UG 1 stretch will begin from Swastik and pass through Majestic, Chickpet, Victoria-Vani Vilas Hospital, City Market and end at K R Road.
The UG 2 stretch will start from M G Road, pass through Vidhana Soudha, K R Circle, K G Road, Majestic and end at Leprosy Hospital. Both stretches will crisscross at Majestic.
UNDERGROUND FACTS Total length — 8.8 km
East-West corridor: Minsk Square, Vidhana Soudha, Central College, City Railway Station, Majestic
North-South corridor: Majestic, Chickpet, City Market


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