Friday, February 05, 2010

Land transport authority to get real authority

Land transport authority to get real authority

Anil Kumar Sastry
BANGALORE: If a proposed law comes into force, all projects involving the city’s infrastructure will have to be compulsorily cleared by the nodal Bangalore Land Transport Authority (BMLTA), be it digging of roads, laying of pipes and cables and construction of bridges and underpasses, among other things.

The draft Act proposes to empower the BMLTA to bring in uniformity in planning and execution of infrastructure for transport purposes. The law will provide statutory status to the Authority for coordinating among various civic agencies and take binding decisions.

The BMLTA draft Act, which has been uploaded on its website, says a final plan will be prepared after considering those made by stakeholders including Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation, Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike and Bangalore Development Authority. The draft comes nearly after three years of the formation of BMLTA.

In essence, BMLTA will virtually control the land-transport sector in the metropolitan region and remove hurdles if any in implementing various projects with focus on popularising public transport and non-motorised transport.

As a regulator, it will resolve conflicts between different agencies and even determine the mode of transport to be implemented in different areas. By virtue of the proposed Act, BMLTA will eventually become the licensing authority.Suggestions may be sent to


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