Thursday, January 07, 2010

Please understand, it's nimma Metro after all

Please understand, it's nimma Metro after all

Campaign soon to remove misgivings about the mass rapid transit system among Bangaloreans

Senthalir S. Bangalore

With trial run set to begin on Reach 1(Byappanahalli to Cricket Stadium) of Namma Metro in December this year, the Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited (BMRCL) is going all out to root out the reservations that Bangaloreans are harbouring against the futuristic mass transit system.
The BMRCL will soon unleash a campaign called 'Understand Metro' to familiarise Bangaloreans with metro usage and allay apprehensions created in them due to the spate of accidents that have occurred during the execution of the project work.
A senior officer with the BMRCL said that the 'Understand Metro' campaign will familiarise Metro to people.
"The campaign will use various communication tools to reach out to the people. The campaign will mainly focus on how to use metro and what precautions people have to take while boarding metro and other such aspects," he said.
The official added that brochures, pamphlets and other propaganda tools will be used to reach the general public.
"We also have the responsibility of allaying fears among people about metro. If only one reach (Byappanahalli to Cricket Stadium) of Metro is running, people would have doubts about how they could travel and till where. The campaign will also address such doubts and provide them information on how to travel in metro rail," said the official
BMRCL managing director N Sivasailam confirmed that such a campaign was indeed in the pipeline. However, he said the campaign is still in a nascent stage.
"We are planning a campaign on those lines. The campaign will start sometime in May 2010. However, it is still in a premature stage and it will be too early to speak about it," the BMRCL chief said.


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