Sunday, December 27, 2009


Officials install two speed breakers to slow down vehicles that miss the curve in front of Raj Bhavan and become ‘gatecrashers’

As motorists frequently kept crashing into the Raj Bhavan main gate while negotiating the curve leading to Basaveshwara Circle, the authorities have come up with an ingenious idea to avert mishaps: They have installed speed-breakers near the gate!
A security personnel explained the logic: Even if a motorist loses control over his vehicle and veers towards the Raj Bhavan gates, the chances of policemen getting hurt are less because of the road humps.
The idea of installing the humps was conceived a few months ago when security personnel manning the entry point nearly got hit when a speeding Tata Sumo rammed into the gate. The driver, coming from Thimmaiah Circle (near Government Post Office) apparently lost control over the vehicle while negotiating the curve. The impact of the crash was such that the elaborately designed metal gate, which has the state emblem ‘Ganda Bherunda’ carved on it, was damaged. It was not an isolated incident. Earlier too, there have been instances of bikers coming close to the entrance while negotiating the curve.
It was in this backdrop that a decision to strengthen the entrance was taken. It was preceded by some debate as installation of speed breakers would result in a bumpy ride for the dignitaries who visit Raj Bhavan. “Several VVIPs call on the governor and we wondered that if the drive into the Raj Bhavan should start with a jolt. But due to security reasons, we chose to go ahead with the installation of the road-humps,” a policeman explained.
Soon after the mishap, the civic agencies took up work on underground amenities in front of the gate (on the eastern side). Subsequently, the Raj Bhavan authorities closed the gate and took up renovation work. The damaged gate has also been replaced with a stronger one that was on the western side of the compound.


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