Sunday, December 27, 2009

Poor quality roads: BBMP shifts Executive Engineer

Poor quality roads: BBMP shifts Executive Engineer
Bangalore, Dec 26, DHNS:

Enraged by the poor asphalting work on Old Madras Road, BBMP Commissioner Bharat Lal Meena on Saturday shifted the Palike’s Executive Engineer from the project and served a notice on two of the three contractors.

Palike sources told Deccan Herald, which brought to light the tardy road-laying work on Old Madras Road on Saturday, that the Commissioner has threatened the two contractors of a harsher action if quality is not maintained.

People had complained that the bitumen content was not appropriate, and had failed to hold the gravel. Besides, the newly laid road has become uneven days after it was laid, putting a big question mark over the quality.

Traffic expert M N Srihari too was critical about the quality of the work saying that the contractors should have removed a layer of the already existing road for the longevity of the newly laid road. He also was of the view that heavy vehicular movement should be restricted till the setting of asphalt.

BBMP sources said an inspection was carried out soon after Deccan Herald spoke to the BBMP officials. The officials who inspected the work confirmed Deccan Herald report about the sub-standard work.

Angry with the sub-standard work the Commissioner instantly shifted the executive engineer from the project and directed the Chief Engineer of BBMP Major Roads Chikkarayappa to serve notices on the two contractors for their poor job.


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