Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Surveillance cameras and Blackberry

Surveillance cameras and Blackberry
Bangalore, Dec 28, DHNS:

The year witnessed massive induction of technology in traffic management with 160 surveillance cameras being installed at important junctions. These cameras helped the police in deciding on remedial measures fast wherever there were traffic woes

The police kept utilising blackberry and decided to phase out paper notice for traffic violations. These initiatives brought remarkable improvement in road users’ behaviour. Says Praveen Sood: “People changed for two reasons: fear of being caught by the police and imposition of fine. Things will change if the improvement comes from within.”

Bangalore City is at least one year ahead of Mumbai, Kolkatta, Delhi, Hyderabad and Chennai in terms of usage of technology in traffic management, says Sood.

Drop in fatal accidents:
The dip in the number of road accident related deaths has been apparent this year. Compared to the previous years, the number of accidents and deaths came down. Last year, 892 deaths were reported, while till December end this year, the number is 740. The number was 981 in 2007. This despite inclusion of areas upto Devanahalli and Chikkajala.

Stern action:
The police adopted zero tolerance in handling traffic violations. There was positive response from BMTC as the police recovered Rs 25 lakh in form of fine amount from it. Moreover, the BMTC drivers visited traffic management centre to learn more on safe driving.
Staff not enough?:

The staff strength to handle complex Bangalore traffic problems seems to be insufficient. Presently, the department has a strength of 2,500 of all ranks, besides assistance of 250 home guards. But, Sood views it differently. “It is not a question of adding more men, but that of utilising technology effectively. If we are able to utilise technology effectively, we can yield results within existing staff. The department spent 15,000 man days to train 3000 policemen for five days, he signed off.


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