Monday, December 28, 2009

Mayo Hall complex to house a museum

Mayo Hall complex to house a museum
Named after Kempe Gowda, it will depict the course of city’s history

Bangalore is set to have a museum dedicated to its history in the next three months if all goes according to BBMP’s plan. The corporation has come up with a proposal to start a museum at the Council building next to Mayo Hall. The museum will be named after Kempe Gowda who laid the foundation for Bangalore and will show the course of the city’s history from his lifetime onwards.
The museum will have a display of artifacts, photographs and visual presentations on Bangalore’s rise from a sleepy village to a cosmopolitan hub. “We had originally planned a museum on the history of Karnataka, but that would need a lot more place than we have available. Besides, we don’t have a place dedicated to the city alone. That is why the idea was changed,” said one of the officials.
The Council building next to Mayo Hall was chosen for its historical relevance and the Archaeological Survey of India will also be involved in the project. “The Council building is as old as Mayo Hall and is practically a historical monument. The Archaeological Survey of India has given us a go ahead on the project on the explicit condition that the building will not be changed or harmed in any way,” said the official.
The details of the project and the content are yet to be finalised. Dr A Ravindra, advisor to Chief Minister of Urban Affairs who is also involved in the project, confirmed the proposal and said that the content would be decided by a panel of experts.


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