Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Seven-star hotel ka be-car parking lot

Seven-star hotel ka be-car parking lot
By: Namita Gupta Date: 2009-12-22 Place: Bangalore

Stacker machines at Leela have extremely narrow parking spaces that have caused 7 accidents in 10 days

Remind yourself to use the valet at the seven-star Hotel Leela Palace on Old Airport Road to park your car with the help of the stacker machine. The hotel will only entertain complaints if you have used its valet parking facility. Seven accidents involving the stacker machine have been reported in the last 10 days, according to the driver of a travel agency.

Park at your own risk: The parking facility at the Leela is a tight squeeze, says Javed, a driver who owns his own taxi.

Abdul Haldar, a driver at Swift Travels, said, "I have witnessed many cars either hitting the light poles or touching the stackers while they are reversing because the stackers are narrow. The multi-level parking lots have high bumps that make drivers speed up when they drive the cars in reverse."

Bhagendra Doley, a hotel security in-charge said, "There are lots of problems in the parking lot. We have been witnessing a few complaints. Sometimes, we don't want to help people reverse their cars, as we will be blamed, if a disaster happens."

Nipun Bhuyan, another helper in-charge seconded him.

Javed, a car driver who owns his own taxi said, "I have to come here almost every day and each time there is a big problem parking the car. The place is so small that it is a big struggle. If you're in a hurry, it's even worse. I have myself seen several cars getting hit in the last two weeks."

Mallika, one of the ladies, in-charge who did show up finally, said, "The parking is at owner's risk and the hotel will not be responsible for the damages."

Nitienaa Arif, public relations officer Leela Palace said, "If you are a good driver, you should not have such problems."

Andrew Hendrian, GM, Leela Palace says, "We park 800 cars everyday and are putting the new parking lot in space for the visitors convenience. I can just say that we are trying to make it better."


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