Monday, December 07, 2009

Behold Bonsai beauties

Behold Bonsai beauties
40-Ft-Tall Pagoda Gate To Welcome You To Garden In Lalbagh

Bangalore: They grow surprisingly short. But it’s been a rather long wait for the Bonsai garden at Lalbagh since 2002-03. The good news is that it will finally open in three months.
Embossed with Chinese figurines and a fibre bonsai on either side, the 40-foot-high pagoda gate at the entrance is almost one-anda-half years old. It leads into the garden spread over 2.5 acres. Right now, there are only benches and dustbins painted to a bark finish. The fountain waters are getting cleared and tall grass is being pruned.
Sources in the horticulture d e p a r t m e n t said the garden is awaiting permission for internal pathways. Initially, the plan had two, but at least five pathways are needed to display the bonsai. This requires permission from the government, which cleared the earlier plan in August 2009. Approximately, Rs 10 lakh is being spent on the pathways this year.
Currently, the nursery houses nearly 1,500 bonsai, a majority from the Ficus family. A technical committee will decide the ones to be displayed.
“All the bonsai will be displayed at the flower show starting January 19. We are also trying to get this park ready by then,” said Ashwath, joint director of the horticulture department.
The pagoda gate in Chinese style has surprised many, considering bonsai also has Indian roots. “I didn’t think about it myself then. I just followed the department’s instructions. The idea was to make it stand out in the huge garden. I’m eager to see the doors open soon,” says an excited Manju Krishna, proprietor of Maverick Art Studios, which designed it. The huge gate was made in the studio and transported to the spot nearly two years ago.


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