Friday, November 06, 2009

Alternative link to airport

Alternative link to airport

A view of Tannery Road as it is now.

Faiza HaneefFirst Published : 06 Nov 2009 07:12:20 AM ISTLast Updated : 06 Nov 2009 10:41:36 AM IST
BANGALORE: With the BBMP all set to widen Tannery Road, residents and traders there seem to have no option left but to accept Transferable Development Rights (TDR). Since the announcement of the road widening project on this stretch was made, residents and traders in the area have been opposing it. But now BBMP has decided to go ahead with and start work by the end of November. So, the residents stand to lose a huge chunk of land.
BBMP will widen the road from the railway bridge (entrance of Tannery Road) up to Yelahanka (connecting Bellary Road). The road will be widened to 80 ft and it will be a connecter from Tannery Road through Nagavara-Tannisandra- Hegde Nagar to Yelahanka. It will be an alternate link to the Bangalore International Airport (BIA).
The widening is essential because this will make it easier for traffic from Shivajinagar, Frazer Town and other eastern parts of the city to reach the BIA. The widening of the stretch between Nagavara and Tanisandra is underway. It was easy to acquire land here as there were not many constructions, said a senior BBMP official.
However, the residents on Tannery road are not happy with the TDR option because, under the scheme, the property owners can have an additional built-up area on the remaining portion of the land.
This additional built-up area can be used by the owners either for themselves on the remaining portion of the land or for land owned by them in other parts of the city.
However, there will be no monetary compensation under this scheme, explained the BBMP official.
While few properties will have to lose a major portion of land, some have to lose the entire portion.
“To resolve the issue with those who will be losing their entire portion, a proposal has been submitted to the government and we are awaiting response,” the official added.
But the residents are demanding monetary compensation. “Monetary compensation is being given for land acquired for metro. Why should BBMP not follow the same procedure for us?” asked Saniulla, a resident on Tannery Road.
Reacting to the demand, BBMP officials said that the only option they have is TDR and only the government can decide if anything else can be done. The official said, “At present, we are trying to convince the public about the TDR concept, but the majority is not happy about it.” The problem is that many have already constructed additonal floors violating building by-laws and they would not gain anything from the TDR scheme. “That is why they do not want TDR,” explained the official.
The work will take more than 12 months to complete.


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