Wednesday, October 21, 2009


The airport authorities have written to the state govt asking it to instruct billboard owners to conform to quality and safety regulations

The Bangalore International Airport (BIA) authorities are jumpy over the ‘hordes’ of advertisement billboards on the BIA road as they feel these hoardings could imperil the live of road users.
While the speeding vehicles have always put motorists’ lives in danger along the NH-13, the collapsing billboards on either side of the road, specially those surrounding the trumpet interchange, are a cause of concern for the officials of the BIA. They have written to the state government urging it to “intervene and safeguard” the interests of the people.
The BIA has alleged these billboards have caused an “aesthetic blemish”, reflecting poorly on both the airport as well as the city.
According to a letter written by Marcel Hungerbuehler, CEO, BIA to the infrastructure development department, a copy of which was obtained by Bangalore Mirror under the Right to Information Act, the airport authorities have requested the state government to intervene and instruct the owners of billboards to conform to quality and safety standards.
He has also asked the government to instruct the owners to place billboards at a safe distance from the trumpet interchange and the commuter corridor.
The letter has said many billboards around the trumpet interchange and main access road between the trumpet flyover and the first traffic roundabout inside the BIA premises have collapsed in recent rains due to a weak structure.
Near the first roundabout, a large overhead LED has encroached upon the BIA’s premises. “If the encroachment is not stopped immediately, it would lead to an uncontrollable situation,” the CEO said.
Hungerbuehler has said the collapsed billboards have created a serious situation on way to the airport. These are located very close to the commuter corridor of the BIA and may fall into the BIA premises. “This would not only damage our premises but could also prove fatal to the commuting passengers,” he has said.
An overhead optical fibre cable in the BIA premises connects the airport with the outside world. Hungerbuehler has said these ‘falling’ billboards might damage these cable and hamper communication to and from the BIA.
The BIA, which has taken objection to “improper maintenance of billboards”, has furnished photographs of 20 different locations at which the billboards have collapsed along the Bellary Road.


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