Friday, October 30, 2009


Mercury levels have dipped since Wednesday due to overcast skies in the city; Met dept attributes it to the NE Monsoon which has just set in

It’s a cool relief from the hot sun as the overcast sky has brought down mercury levels in the city since Wednesday. Meteorologists attribute the ‘cooling effect’ to the North-East Monsoon, which officially set in on Thursday.
Met department director B Puttanna said, “As the days become shorter and the nights become longer, temperature is bound to come down. This is how winter occurs. But that doesn’t mean that winter is here.”
Along with the cooler nights, there will be rains too. “The easterly winds which have started blowing towards the state are likely to bring rain. On Wednesday, skies were cloudy in the morning and it rained later. This phenomenon will continue for some more days and eventually stop as the winter approaches. There will be rain in the next 48 hours and it will stop by November 15,” he said. The maximum temperature has decreased and will further go down in the next two days. “The current maximum temperature is 29 degree Celsius to 30 degrees Celsius. This will go down by one or two degrees. Winds will also be stronger in south interior Karnataka, including Bangalore,” he said.
The weather has been comparatively drier this October. “Last year, the city received 193.7 millimetres of rainfall in October but only 24.1 millimetres this time. This is due to the receding South-West Monsoon and delay in the arrival of North East Monsoon,” said Puttanna. This year, the wettest month was September, with 348.8 mm of rain. June came second with 204.6 mm rainfall and August 152 mm.s


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