Friday, October 30, 2009

School students face the brunt

School students face the brunt
Bangalore,Oct 29, DHNS:

School and college students are apparently the hardest hit by the construction of the Tagore Circle underpass in Basavanagudi. Most of them now find it tough to return home on time, because the buses no longer stop near the dug-up stretch on KR Road.

The work has played havoc with the bus timing and the stops. With no bus stop at the Basavangudi Police Station and the B P Wadia Road too narrow, buses simply don’t halt anywhere close to the schools.

“For the past three days, the BMTC bus to Jaraganhalli on Kanakpura Road has not stopped in front of our school. My mother has been punishing me for returning late,” lamented Suhas, a 4th grade student of the Basavangudi Primary and Secondary School.

Several students commute daily from Kanakapura Road and beyond to the schools and colleges in Basavangudi. From Government PU college to primary and secondary schools to private institutions like the BMS Women's college and APS primary and secondary school, Basavanagudi has a high density of these institutions. Most of the students now face this daily public transport challenge.

The bus stops are now likely to be shifted to either ends of the Tagore Circle underpass. This, the students fear, would only add more woes to their lives. “Where should we catch the bus then” wondered Rajesh, a student from the APS college.


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