Monday, September 07, 2009

Easy solutions as details clicks away

Easy solutions as details clicks away

Carry relevant papers and don't wait as certificates will be mailed to you

Even if one forgets to bring documents, tax payment is possible after a little delay

DNA Correspondent. Bangalore

Citizens can walk into any of the 10 online civic service centres to pay property tax. There, officials can access online the details of the 5.38 lakh properties which have already been provided with a khata.
Details of the tax dues of any property are just a few clicks away at the online counters. On payment of the tax by cash, cheque or demand draft, you will get a receipt immediately.
To speed up the procedures, citizens are advised to carry with them relevant documents such as any past tax receipt or khata certificate in respect of their property. Even if they forget to bring these documents, officials at the counter will accept payment for property tax after a few minutes online search.
The counters give applications to citizens for registration or transfer of khata of any property.
If you want to make any changes in the katha, Palike permits it provided the change, amalgamation or bifurcation of it is effected within a week. The network helps them in checking the status of their application. Thanks to this system, citizens do not have to go to the respective revenue offices of the BBMP several times for making such changes.
These centres also issue certificates of births and death that took place between 1949 and 2002. For births and deaths that took place between 1992 and 2002, certificates are issued across the counter within minutes.
For cases relating to earlier periods, the certificates will be available within a short period. Citizens need not wait for these documents. They will be sent by courier to their address on payment of Rs10.
Applications for registration of births and deaths and issue of certificates for the year 2003 are also received at these centres.
The registration of births and deaths during the current year can be made in the offices of medical officers of health (MoH) who are designated as sub-registrars for the purpose.
Earlier, the centres used to receive citizens' complaints, suggestions and requests in respect of services provided by the
In each case, the counters used to issue an acknowledgement and forward the complaints to the civic officials concerned on a priority basis.
But since the centres are working efficiently, they are not receiving any complaints.


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