Saturday, September 05, 2009

Church Street stinks with filth

Church Street stinks with filth
Bangalore, Sept 5, DHNS:

The Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) may pat its own back for giving a facelift to the City.

But one of the City’s landmark roads, the Church Street is laying bare the Palike’s tall claims.
Thanks to official apathy, Church Street is in real bad shape with huge pits in place of the footpath. This street invites accidents everyday. The slabs laid above the stormwater drain on both the sides have either been removed at many places or are damaged.

The slabs above the stormwater drains make the footpath for the pedestrians, but people rarely walk on it because it is damaged at various places. The stormwater drain is packed with garbage while the underground sewerage line is choked with the waste, leading to overflow of sewerage onto the street.

“There is hardly anyone to pay attention towards this street. This monsoon has exposed the BBMP’s preparedness. The road is missing and what is left now are pot-holes, damaged stormwater drain, choked sewage line,” said Mukund, a cigarette seller. When contacted BBMP Joint Commissioner Radhakrishna (East) said, he was unaware of the plight of the street and would attend to it on Saturday.


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