Saturday, September 05, 2009

Still in a mess

Still in a mess
D T P revisits Vittal Mallya Road to check out the status of the drainage repair work in the area
ANJALI MUTHANNA, Vittal Mallya Road

The work on Vittal Mallya Road just doesn’t seem to end. Six months ago, the road was dug up for drainage repair work. And now the road has been made one-way — between the Kingfisher Airways office and Coffee Day Square — ostensibly for the completion of the work.
However, in the beginning of the week, about one-third of the road was blocked and the road was still two-way. “That made things difficult because the road is full of potholes. So, motorists slow down so that their cars don’t get damaged,” says media person Samantha B, adding, “Sometimes, water tankers are parked there, which also caused something of a bottleneck on the already narrow road.” r However, since Thursday, the road has been made oneway. Traffic is now allowed to go towards Kasturba Road, but is not allowed to enter Vittal Mallya Road from Kasturba Road. “This is a much better option for Vittal Mallya Road, but now people will have to either stay on Kasturba Road to get to, say, MG Road, or get on to Raja Ram Mohan Roy Road. Both roads are quite congested during peak hours,” says student John Mathew.
Pedestrians have their complaints too. “At some points on one side of the road, there’s no place for people to walk. The pavements are either in too much of a mess or there’s no pavement at all. And the other side is cordoned off for the work that’s going on. So, where are pedestrians supposed to walk?” asks PR professional Kritika Jain.


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