Sunday, August 02, 2009

Mail sparks panic over Metro pillar

Mail sparks panic over Metro pillar

DNA Correspondent. Bangalore

The Delhi Metro mishap has caused Bangaloreans to be that much more vigilant, more panicky.
An email sent out recently to a media organisation and police read: "On MG Road, a section of the third pillar for the metro, counting from Trinity Circle, in front of the entrance to Mittal Towers, collapsed on Friday night." On checking, it was found that a portion of the parapet wall above pier number 157, third from Trinity Circle, was indeed missing.
But a Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation (BMRCL) official clarified that there was no collapse. A portion of the parapet wall was found to be faulty, and removed. It is expected to be fixed by August 4. The official added that there was no cause for panic.
BMRCL spokesperson BL Yashvanth Chavan also said the mail sent out was a hoax one, and there was no cause for panic.
Work on parapet walls is being carried out in Reach 1 (Byappanahalli to Cricket Stadium). Segment casting is currently being carried out near Anil Kumble Circle — in piers numbering 190-207 of Reach 1.
There are 10 segments between the two piers. For every 10 segments, there would be a gap of approximately 100mm; this is to leave room for expansion.


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