Friday, July 31, 2009


In a bid to safeguard cables lying beneath the roads during digging work, BBMP Commissioner has asked service providers for GIS data

Telephones going dead or internet link remaining ‘down’ due to cable damage could soon be a thing of the past. For, the BBMP has ordered the telecom providers to furnish GIS data on roads where their cables have been laid.
The civic body has already refused permission to ‘faulty’ telecom service providers for digging roads.
According to a BBMP officer, the GIS (Geographical Information Systems) data will help contractors who take up road or subway digging works to know where the cables are lying. Which means the cables will be safe from damage.
On learning that the BBMP had no detailed information on cables laid by the service providers, Commissioner Bharat Lal Meena has ordered officials to collect the GIS data within a fortnight.
In a letter, Meena said it is unfortunate that the BBMP has no details about the utility services or others’ cables lying beneath the roads. He wondered how the BBMP had been functioning in the absence of such information.
Subsequently, letters were shot off to 12 service providers. While some have sought more time, others have said they will submit data only by next month. Some providers have said they have huge networks and will be able to submit details as soon as possible.
The Karnataka Power Transmission Corporation Limited (KPTCL) was the first to provide GIS data. As Meena had served as KPTCL managing director, the data had already been stored and immediately provided to the BBMP. Bell Tele Services has submitted its data and we are sending reminders to other providers,” said the officer.
The data has been sought in hard and soft formats. “Earlier, we used to store information on paper, but found it difficult to trace it. In this method, we can access data in quick time,” he added.


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