Thursday, July 16, 2009

Ensuring citizen's safety is our priority

Ensuring citizen's safety is our priority

Senthalir S

While experts are crying foul that the Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited (BMRCL) has not taken the required precautionary measures and has not made public the results of safety tests conducted, the BMRCL has allayed fears and assured that all safety measures are in place and there is no need to worry. N Sivasailam, managing director, BMRCL, spoke to Senthalir S on the various safety measures.

What safety measures has the BMRCL taken to prevent mishaps like the one that occurred in Delhi?
Safety is our priority. BMRCL is not taking any short cuts to complete the work fast. We are re-checking the launching piers and curved piers for calculation of loading conditions.
The pier that got burnt on CMH Road was replaced completely with new steel. We are taking all precautionary measures required.

There is apprehension that Metro has not conducted wind analysis test which is mandatory as per the 2004 norms of the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). Even experts have expressed their concern over the issue.
What experts have said is factually incorrect and they have made such statements without checking the facts with us. We have analysed the situation and have a data base. Metro is a very big project and we have conducted wind analysis tests regularly. There are safety engineers on the ground and contractors working, who are well aware of the wind analysis test.
Have the environmental impact assessment tests been conducted? How frequently are these tests being conducted?
BMRCL has conducted environmental impact assessment tests and these tests are conducted every month. We have reports on existing noise level. These are baseline reports and it will remain till the Metro starts moving. Only after the Metro rail starts running, we will know whether the noise level has increased or not.
Experts have said that the EIA and wind analysis tests have not been done and have expressed concern that these reports have not been made public. What is the reason?
The experts have expressed their personal view. They do not have the facts to prove their view. It is not correct to make such statements. BMRCL does not agree with this. We expect the experts to be better informed. Every report runs into 40 pages. We cannot publish all the reports. But they are available to the public. If they require it, they can come and collect the reports. Also, Bangalore University can conduct a study as a part of their research programme. It would be a contribution to Bangalore. If they require funding, they can approach the BMRCL. Bangalore Metro will also be one of the beneficiaries.


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