Tuesday, November 18, 2008

HDK: So what? Why are you whining?

HDK: So what? Why are you whining?
‘Let These Sophisticated Non-Voting Bangaloreans Learn Villagers’ Problems’

Bangalore: Karnataka JD(S) president H D Kumaraswamy is furious with Bangaloreans for ‘over-reacting’ to the harrowing time they had on Monday due to his party’s rally.
At a news conference on Tuesday, Kumaraswamy blamed authorities for the traffic chaos. “My party will hold programmes in
the city whenever needed. Don’t suffering masses have a right to voice their problems and protest against maladministration?
“We did try for a place outside Bangalore, but couldn’t get an appropriate one. So had to plan it in Palace Grounds.
“It inconvenienced children studying in schools in and around the venue. We regret the inconvenience. But I had personally spoken to the city police commissioner, furnished all details about the programme, paid the fee for deployment of policemen and informed people about the programme through advertisements well in advance. The government should have taken precautions and made arrangements. It is the government which is responsible for the chaos,’’ he said.
He continued his tirade: “Those who have expressed their opinion in the media are sophisticated people and those working in IT/BT and big companies. They don’t go out and vote during elections. This section of people is responsible for the sad state of affairs in the country today. On the contrary, it is the illiterate masses who have shouldered their responsibilities properly. If they say the suffering rural masses shouldn’t protest even for a day, then what can I say? Let them go and stay in a village. Let them learn the problems the villagers face.
“We are not the only people to hold a programme at Palace Grounds. BJP has also held it here. Lot of programmes happen there and they do cause traffic jams. Won’t there be a traffic jam when there is a rock concert? No one reacts then, because they go to enjoy.
“The participants of the convention came voluntarily to voice their problems like power crisis and to protest against maladministration.’’
“Bangalore citizens get priority because even a small inconvenience gets highlighted in the media. But the rural folk don’t have that opportunity. Aren’t they human beings? If people react for an inconvenience of 2-3 hours, then how should the rural people react?
“Even 60 years after independence, children in many rural areas walk to school for 6-7 km daily. No one understands their problem. But if their children are inconvenienced for a day, then the parents here express anguish. Please understand the problems of the village children too.
“How can they ask us not to protest? Isn’t it the duty of a responsible political party to protest against the government’s failure? Isn’t it natural for a party to organize meets to strengthen the organization? Moreover, do we hold rallies 365 days a year? If it is required, then we will hold rallies here in future too.
“Bangaloreans ask farmers not to come here. Imagine what would happen if the farmers refuse to sell their produce to Bangaloreans? JD(S) lives in the heart of rural folk. The convention proved it.’’


At Wednesday, November 19, 2008 at 11:45:00 AM GMT+5:30, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Reading HDK's statements makes my blood boil.

I was stuck outside Palace Grounds near Fun World for 5 hours on Monday. Sitting helpless in my car, I first had to cope with the worry of my daughter not reaching home from school till 5.30 pm (instead of the normal 3pm) and then with the worry that she's home alone because I couldn't move my car more than an inch from 3.30 pm to 8.30 pm. To add to the horror, hundreds of party workers had blocked the road in front of the Palace Grounds Gate next to Fun World, to allow the buses carrying rally invitees to exit. These guys blocking the road were uncouth, tipsy from the liquor and brandishing words and sticks. A worried lady in the bus next to me called out to one of them and asked them to let her bus pass because she had children alone at home waiting for her...they started shouting abuses and hitting the bus. Naturally the city citizens dared not open their mouths again for fear of the hoodlums getting violent. It must be mentioned here that I saw a few cops around but they seemed scared themselves. We were held hostage in our own city and HDK has the audacity to justify his rally.

As Bangaloreans we have a list of problems as long as the villagers lists I'm sure....scarce drinking water, power outages, hospitals that don't function because of disgruntled doctors, roads in a terrible state - can you even call them roads..there isn't a single stretch that isn't dug up, sewage mixing with drinking water, the list goes on...and he calls us pampered!

HDK and his father have ransacked this state over the years and everyone knows their story of looting and deception. He knows he's lost credibility too, so he does what every loser does - tries to buy votes of gullible farmers with a free ride to the city, money and a bottle of booze. SHAME ON YOU HDK.

My final word to you Mr. Kumaraswamy, APOLOGISE decently and quickly instead of putting your foot in your mouth with dangerous statements. Trust me...your luck has run out....thankfully.

At Wednesday, November 19, 2008 at 5:27:00 PM GMT+5:30, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is disgusting to hear HDK justify his actions and blame it on the BJP Government. It is not that I have any special leanings towards BJP govt either, but HDK's comments are unforgivable. No-one ever stopped the villagers or rural indians from coming to bangalore.
This is worse than what Raj Thackre did in Maharashtra. He is creating a rift between northern states and maharashtra. MR. HDK topped RT and trying to create a rift between bangalore and the village masses. and He has the Audacity to stand there and speak like an illiterate fool that he really is.


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