Sunday, November 16, 2008

'BIA below global standards: Public

'BIA below global standards: Public
DH News Service, Bangalore:

The public hearing convened by the joint house committee to seek suggestions/views from the members of the public on infrastructure facilities at the Bengaluru International Airport (BIA) saw just a little over 40 people attend here on Thursday.

But, those who did turn up termed the facilities at the new greenfield airport, that completes six months of commercial operations, as below global standards. The public voiced their opinion that the house committee take a re-look into the concession agreement entered into by the promoters of the BIA (Larsen and Toubro, Zurich Airport and Siemens AG) and the Centre and State governments. Others were of the opinion that Bangalore needs two airports and that a re-bid be considered to manage/operate the airport.

No local flavour

The absence of local flavour to the architectural aspects of the BIA and expensive restaurants at the terminal for visitors too were discussed by the public who submitted their views in writing and some verbally to the 21-member house committee led by MLA Dr Hemachandra Sagar.

Speaking to reporters later, Dr Sagar said a majority of the people had expressed disappointment at the facilities at the airport.

"All the 45 speakers who gave their opinion were not happy with the facilities at the airport. A majority felt that the facilities at the BIA were only 25 per cent better than the HAL airport," Dr Sagar said.

BIAL CEO Albert Brunner is yet to respond to the questions posed by the house committee members in the last three meetings and the committee is waiting for his reply before the next meeting scheduled to be held within 15 days.

The public views would be compiled by the committee soon.


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