Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Underpass decked up

Underpass decked up

Bangalore: Apart from receiving flak for not being completed on time, this infrastructure project may well draw praise for its artistic value.
After students from MSRIT volunteered to work on the Cauvery junction underpass, Manipuri artists are now lending a hand to beautify the project.
Unlike most other infrastructure projects which look dull, this one will make heads turn, thanks to the art work on the underpass walls. Sorei Keishing and his colleagues have been creating an impression of the sun, based on the theme ‘Surya’.
“We were approached by a BBMP official to work on this theme. The project will be completed in 2-3 days,’’ said Keishing, an interior decorator.
This is the first infrastructure project Keishing is working on. “We will be adding a bit of colour to the impression after the engineers paint the walls,’’ he added.
‘10% of the work yet to be completed’
BBMP chief engineer Krishna Reddy said 10% of the work remains to be completed. Work on the seepage drain was completed on Monday. This drain connects the rainwater pipe to the intermediate lane towards Palace Grounds.The underpass has two underground connections: rainwater and seepage drains. The rainwater drain is a standby connection, the works on which will be taken up later.
This is the most critical part of the work as it has held up the approach work of Cauvery junction, said Reddy. “Since it rained over the weekend, there is moisture on the road surface, thus making it difficult to asphalt the road,’’ added Reddy. The underpass will be ready in a few days’ time, hopefully.


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