Monday, June 26, 2006

Metro shampoo treatment for Madam Bangalore

Metro shampoo treatment for Madam Bangalore
Vijay Times

IF MADAM Bangalore wishes to enter a worlds beautiful City pageant, the only ornament she would wear is the golden IT tag amid pimples, wrinkles and lice.

So, she may well consider standing before a mirror for a thorough look over with her make-up experts who are in a deep slumber.

The Citys once lauded beauty has turned into its worst enemy leaving authorities wondering how to cope with the burgeoning population within a restricted infrastructure that threatens to extract the best out of city administrators in the coming years.

Beginning with its nomore-applicable sobriquet of "Pensioners Paradise" the City transformed into the IT capital of the country, gathering other certificates like the pub capital, the bikers paradise or little England of South India in its course.

While this attracted people to Madame Bangalore post mid-1980s, raising her stake as one of the fastest growing cities in the world (in fact, the fastest in Asia at one point).

Fastest, yes. But at the cost of her beauty. The result is there for all to see.

Increasing vehicle population which stands at 26.1 lakh move like lice in her hair, challenging traffic management experts to use a shampoo with maximum effect.

The best so far are brands called flyovers and one-way rules that have brought relief only to some extent despite potholes.

But not up to requirement, as at least two lakh fresh lice (vehicles) are registered every year in Bangalore, bringing movement on the road to a crawl at an average 16 kms per hour.

The Metro shampoo may solve the problem of lack of effective public transport systems and feeder transport services, but the bottle has yet to be produced for operational use.

Some consolation lies in an international survey conducted by Londonbased human resource consulting group, Mercer, which placed Madame Bangalore 112th safest in the world alongside Chennai leaving Delhi and Mumbai far behind at 126th and 139th respectively.

She is threatening to go wild! Well, Madame Bangalores make-up experts better wake up and deal with her pimples and lice to begin with before taking a step towards the beauty pageant.


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