Thursday, July 29, 2010

We can do it bin BBMP

We can do it bin BBMP

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This is the kind of This is the kind of garbage management that is worth emulating. Tired of waiting for BBMP to do its job and clean their locality, people of Basavanagudi have decided to install dustbins themselves on their roads to keep them free of garbage.
While most people in the city complain about BBMP allowing mounds of garbage to accumulate on street corners in the absence of bins, residents of Shankarmutt Road and adjoining localities are doing something about it. They are ins

talling special bins on the roadsides to stop the littering by the many shopkeep ers and street hawkers on Shankarmutt Road and in other localities who dirty pavements with discarded fruits and vegetables.
“NAAVU, a welfare organisation run by a few residents, has begun this scheme to make our area litter free,” says Krishna Kumar N., a local resident.

Already three litter bins have been installed in the area and the organisation is hoping to do more if people come forward to help it, both in terms of funds and their time.

The bins can hold 52 litres of garbage, says the association, setting a clean example for the city.


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