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Hello, hello: No reply from the corporator

Hello, hello: No reply from the corporator
If Things Remain The Same Way Here, The Results Could Prove Dire
Sunitha Rao R | TNN

Bangalore: There are no roads let alone a drainage system. Rampant theft makes it unsafe too. To make things worse, the harried residents of Ramamurthynagar say they are unable to contact their corporator -- the man who is supposed to resolve their issues.
“Bad roads are a major problem. Politicians of all parties campaigned on these very roads during BBMP elections and showed their concern then. But that hasn’t been translated into action. We haven’t been able to reach our corporator,” complain residents of Akshaynagar.
This layout never had a proper drainage system. Residents themselves took initiatives to construct drains in front of their houses after which water flow was smoother. But this work was disrupted by contractors who started reconstruction of the drainage system.
“But the construction undertaken was unscientific and shabby. A resident brought this issue to the BBMP commissioner’s notice in May 2009. The contractor was annoyed with the complaint and abruptly stopped the work. Since then we have no drain and the road has been in bad shape. Neither the commissioner nor the contractor has come to our rescue. We have been apprising local BBMP engineers of our problems but they plead helplessness. But we are the sufferers,” says Thyagaraju P, a resident.
The clogged drain has also led to mosquito menace. “We are concerned over sporadic spread of dengue in other parts of the ward. Fogging must be done here to make the surroundings hygienic,” says Sai Ram, another harried resident of the area.
Meenakshi Ramesh, homemaker, says her locality is not safe. “Just a week ago, there was a theft. There is no police patrolling. Whom should we complain to?”
Residents in your ward say they are unaware a corporator exists. It is true that I have not visited this area of the ward. The fact that they are openly saying that they are unaware of a corporator only shows they have not voted. How can they be so ignorant? Anyway, will now look into this road issue.
How often do you visit your ward areas?
Should check on my schedule and make visits. I don’t have any regular schedule for ward visits.
What are the main problems you have found so far?
Water and sanitary lines. These are long-term issues.
What’s your action plan to tackle these problem areas?
For two years, there were no corporators. Borewells are also filled with silt. I have spoken to the BWSSB. Pending works have been completed. But, with the new budget yet to be announced, how can I begin on any new project? WHERE’S MY CORPORATOR
Ramamurthynagar has no roads or a drainage system. Residents are fed up and spend sleepless nights because of thefts and mosquitoes. Diseases lurk on the corner as water stagnates. The corporator admits to these problems, but never responds
Mud road in bad shape, full of potholes Drain clogged Stray dog menace Parthenium weeds grow in vacant sites Mosquito menace, no fogging done No police patrolling
Civic agencies shouldn’t touch amenities that are in good shape. Our roads and drains are the best example to show how an agency can go haywire when it takes unscientific measures to upgrade them — B M Basavraj Naik | RESIDENT We do not have a resident welfare association. This could be one reason why the corporator shuns us. Why can’t the BBMP get hold of the contractor concerned and get the road work done? Does it take one-and-a-half years to upgrade a stretch of the road that is less than a furlong? Why do we have such contractors who have no accountability? — Kavitha Ramesh | HOMEMAKER We have made attempts to reach the corporator on his mobile number published on the BBMP website. But he hasn’t been accessible. So far, he has not visited our area. A few other roads in Akshayanagar are in good shape while our lane is not. — David S M | RESIDENT LET US KNOW
Is the corporator of your ward yet to get down to brass tacks? Is he yet to contact Residents Welfare Associations and get grievances redressed? After featuring some proactive corporators in these columns, we will now look for those corporators who haven’t done any visible work. If civic work is piling up in your surroundings, let us know.
Are you a resident of Ramamurthynagar? Do you face the same problems or other issues in your area? Better still, have a solution to these problems discussed?
M Revanna, corporator


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