Friday, July 30, 2010

Palike approves nine projects without debate

Palike approves nine projects without debate
Bangalore, July 29, DHNS:

Amidst chaos the BJP-led Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) Council on Thursday approved nine more infrastructure related projects, worth Rs 28.34 crore, without any discussion.

For the third time in as many months at the Council sessions, the BJP appeared to have taken “advantage” of the opposition storming the well demanding the suspension of the ruling party corporator over a statement offending the controversial corporator from Yeshwanthpur, Munirathna.

The opposition leaders termed it as a “stage managed” session by the BJP and blamed the BBMP Mayor S K Nataraj for playing partisan politics. “They have been time and again using the opportunity to approve the agenda without any discussion when the House has not been in order,” alleged opposition leader M Nagaraju.

The agenda tabled at the Council was not shown to any of the opposition members nor their own partymen, including the Chairman of the Standing Committee for Taxation and Finance, P N Sadashiva.

Speaking to the media, Sadashiva stated that while the members of the Standing Committee were not aware of the agenda to be approved, he had given the green signal to table the nine items in the agenda orally to the Mayor. “He (Mayor) termed them as emergency matter and hence I gave the approval,” said Sadashiva.

Opposition leader and corporator from Hanumanthnagar, K Chandrashekar claimed that as per the Karnataka Municipal Corporation (KMC) Supplementary Act, if there is no prior notice, of seven days, to the Council on the agenda to be discussed then the Mayor had the provision to call upon only one agenda and not nine of them.

While the House was still grappling with the approval of the agenda without any discussion, Mayor S K Nataraj made a quiet exit to attend a function elsewhere in the City. The Congress Party corporators who after the adjournment of the House met the Commissioner appealed to him not to implement the projects approved.

But there was no seemingly positive reaction from the Commissioner, Siddaiah. Speaking to the media he said: “There are a certain set of precedents and rules which have to be followed. As a Commissioner my job is to implement those plans which have been approved by the BBMP Council.”

List of projects

* Rejuvenation of the Byatrayanapura Lake 2nd phase: Rs 14.48 crore

* Road widening, asphalting and building of the pedestrian crossing on Muthuraj Road and Hoskerehalli road joining Outer Ring Road with Bank Colony: Rs 3.17 crore

* Construction of a Railway Over Bridge between Whitefield and KR Puram: Rs 3.19 crore.

* First installment for the construction of the Railway Overbridge between KR Puram and Byappanhalli: Rs 3.11 crore

* Construction of another Railway Over Bridge between KR Puram and Byappanhalli: Rs 3.10 crore

* Construction of the Okalipuram underpass as part of signal free Dr Rajkumar Road corridor: Rs 1.28cr

* Payment towards Civil Aid for their expertise on the expansion of the joint at the Sirsi Circle flyover: Rs 4.79 lakh.

* Approval given for the Comprehensive Development Plan (CDP) in the year 2009.

* Tender for the entire City recalled for the implementation of energy saving along with operation and of maintenance street light and issual of fresh tenders as a package for one or two wards.


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