Thursday, July 01, 2010

BBMP projects to go to BDA

BBMP projects to go to BDA
Bangalore: June 30, DHNS:

The transfer of Bharatlal Meena from Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) to Bangalore Development Authority (BDA) would virtually make the Palike almost jobless as all the ambitious projects worth Rs 32,000 crore will now be shifted to the BDA.

The Palike will now be reduced to do garbage disposal and repair works as the government, according to sources, will be transferring the execution of mega projects of road widening, and construction of underpasses to the BDA.

Although Meena maintains that he was not aware of his transfer until the orders were published, the sources in BBMP said that he was well informed about it earlier. The sources said Meena, a favourite of the City incharge ministers R Ashok and Katta Subramanya Naidu, was their choice to head the BDA.

Another version doing the round is that Meena had antagonised many BBMP officials by his sudden visits and inspections of projects. The officials had in turn complained to the local MLAs. The MLAs, according to the sources, had complained to the Chief Minister to restrain him. He was said to have been directed by the Chief Ministers to inform the local MLAs before visiting their constituencies. It is also said that he had opted for a transfer after the BBMP elections, which was agreed to by the Chief Minister.
DH News Service

* He initiated painting of walls in the City to prevent their defacement.
* He made efforts to clear encroachment of storm water drains which were choking the flow of water and resulting in floods during rainy seasons. However the project was stalled after a stay from the High Court.
* He installed GPS tracking systems on garbage disposal trucks to monitor their movement.
* He began a Citizen’s intitiative by forming Citizen Involvement Committee, under which Citizens were allowed to take up minor projects worth up to Rs. five lakh.
* The project was a hit in at least a dozen residential layouts.
He took up digitisation and upgradation of control rooms.


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