Tuesday, June 29, 2010


The minimum fare is likely to be hiked from Rs 14 to Rs 18, sources tell Bangalore Mirror

The minimum auto fare is likely to go up from Rs 14 to Rs 18 next week. Fares have not been revised for almost five years, despite increases in fuel costs. Bangalore has 86,490 autos and 1.5 lakh auto drivers.
Auto unions have submitted a memorandum to the transport and district administration, seeking a revision.
B S Narayana Murthy, President of the BJP Auto Unit, told Bangalore Mirror, “We have submitted memorandums to Deputy Commissioner Aiyappa and other officials.”
Other unions have joined in. M Manjunath, President of Adarsha Auto and Taxi Drivers Union, said, “Though BMTC and KSRTC have hiked their fares several times in the last five years, our demand was always ignored. Prices of fuel, oil and spares have all gone up.”
Bangalore Urban deputy commissioner M K Aiyappa confirmed receiving the memorandums.
Current fare: Rs 14 (min for 2 km), Rs 7 per subsequent km. New fare (likely): Rs 18 (min for 2 km), Rs 8-9 per subsequent km Petrol costs Rs 58.09 a litre.Autos with two-stroke engines give a mileage of 25 km a litre, while those with four-stroke engines give 30 km LPG costs Rs 40 a kg, and autos using it get 5 km more over petrol
“Their demand is justified. I have appointed a committee to look into the demand,” he told Bangalore Mirror. The district authorities use an app to fix fares. “If we key in fuel and other costs, the program provides us with the new fare,” he said.
Sources in the transport department told Bangalore Mirror that the new minimum fare could be Rs 17 or Rs 18, and Rs 8 for every subsequent km, a senior official said. HIKE SCEPTICS Some auto drivers are against the hike because they fear the hike may keep away passengers.


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