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Business by the lake

Business by the lake

Kavitha Srinivasa First Published : 22 Jun 2010 01:28:48 AM IST
BANGALORE: Yediyur located in south Bangalore is best identified by a lake, named after it. The Yediyur Lake or Yediyur Tank as it’s called, was once an amateur ornithologist’s paradise. Sometime around eight to 10 years ago, it was neglected before it was restored to its erstwhile glory a few years ago. Today, it attracts tourists, as the lake extends to include a park with recreational facilities. While apartments overlook the lake, till sometime ago, the lake was a sought after spot to immerse Lord Ganapathi during Ganesh Chaturthi.
While such activities have come down, some portions of Yediyur are identified by an assortment of paint and hardware shops. As these shops are small with low overheads, they are a popular choice of builders. “Since the stretch connects Kanakapura Road and South End Road (Nittoor Srinivasa Rau Road) traffic moves at a slow pace. “I commute everyday and find it particularly difficult during the evenings,” said R Suresh, a regular commuter.
Until a few decades ago, the scene was different. Probably till the early sixties, Yediyur was considered the border post of Bangalore, before the city expanded to other extensions. It was known as Yediyur Terminus and almost signified the fact that it was the border post of Bangalore. At that time, the only saving grace was the Yediyur Lake. Besides that devout followers of Lord Ganapathi came to the Sri Prasanna Ganapathi Seva Mandali to offer their prayers.
Like any other locality, this one too has become crowded, as apartments and independent homes have sprung up. A spacious Bata showroom catches attention as much as banks like the Federal Bank.
Today the Yediyur ward also extends to include Jayanagar 7th Block, 3rd and 6th Block, among others. While Jayanagar 7th Block is characterised by broad roads, the place is known for colleges like the National College. It’s this young, yuppie college crowd which has made the place a hang out zone with coffee shops, music outlets like Channel 9 and stores selling stylish ready-made outfits. This is matched by Eurasia Pasta and Barbeque, a fine dining place which specialises in Italian and Lebanese food.
“We wanted a presence in south Bangalore since it offered good potential. The college crowd drops by in the afternoons and since we are a vegetarian restaurant, many families also frequent the place,” said Justin Samuel, manager, Eurasia Pasta and Barbeque, a franchise of Little Italy restaurant. An Italian veg eatery may be a recent addition, but what remains an age old preference of many households is the Yediyur market.
The market may not be as active as the KR Market, but it has its own shoppers. “I always come here to buy mangoes since they are fresh and we have a variety to choose from,” explained Latha Nath, a housewife.


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